Cleanup on Aisle 3!

When I walk into my local Walmart there is a section in the front that has only one purpose. That purpose is to hold whatever seasonal items are being pushed at the moment. During the summer it had folding chairs and ice coolers and on occasion American flags. Last month it was full of school supplies, all the ten-cent pencils and notepads you can need, with a few backpacks thrown in for good measure. They are starting the transition to Halloween but I have noticed that this section always starts out the season well-organized and attractively arranged and ends up looking like monkeys are using it for a playground. The little cardboard display marked pencils was filled with erasers and mini notebooks, glue sticks were scattered in multiple bins. Every shelf seemed to have been tipped over and then the mixed items were just shoveled into the closest opening. It resembled more of a mystery grab bag than any organized store shelves. I can’t really blame Walmart, it was after all, school supplies. If you saw the hordes of parents and children ransacking them the weeks before school started you would wonder how they would ever get the shelves clean again. While it looks cleaner now all of those costumes are going to end with the same fate as the pencils right around October 31st.

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