Coffee Pot Barometers.

Supposedly, coffee was discovered by some goat herder who watched his goats get all hopped up on caffeine after eating the berries off of the plant. This herder discovered what has become the drug of choice for many in the working world. In every company I have worked a coffee maker has been a fixture. Some places have the traditional pot where everybody chips in and buys coffee, others are provided coffee by the company. The quality also varies, some buy the can or packages of coffee others have new fangled machines that can produce a foofoochino at the push of a button. I have noticed that the care the company puts into the coffee directly correlates to care they put into the staff. I have been at small companies who are struggling and they served good coffee, and large companies who are raking it in and they served garbage. I know the coffee wasn’t the only thing that affected the employee morale but it sure came out around the coffee pot. The goat herder could have had no idea that what he found would not only fuel the industrial revolution, but it’s consumption would also become a workplace barometer.

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