Collective Hard-headedness!

I have a confession; I am stubborn and hard-headed. To anyone who knows me this is no surprise, but I have to remind myself of this often because if I don’t I can make some dumb decisions. I will do dumb things like buying my wife pajamas for Christmas. After the fifth year in a row you would think I would remember not to, but I am like a moth to a bug light.

We as a people seem to have the same collective hard-headedness about asking our government to solve our problems. Time and time again it has been proven that our government can’t solve our problems, nor was it designed to. Yet we go back to the proverbial well expecting that this time it will be different! I am not saying that their intentions are not good, I will not say they are incompetent, I am saying they are not equipped or well suited for the task. It is like trying to train your cat to bring in the newspaper. They look like they should be able to, but it just isn’t going to happen.

I believe we have real problems in this country and I want to see what our Founding Fathers,  Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King among other envisioned. I just think we need to stop bringing the wrong people to the table to create the solutions.

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