Colorado Spring!

Snow coveredThis morning I walked out the door with a polo shirt on and a light sweater. I should know better, I live in Colorado! We have a saying here, if you don’t like the weather wait five minutes. Well I just looked out the window to a blizzard blowing snow and covering all the cars in the parking lot. My weather app says it is thirty-nine outside but I am going to guess that it is a bit colder and that the wind is going to add to that feeling. At least I have my running shoes on so I can move a little faster on the walk to the car after work. One of the things I like about Colorado is it seems like there are less rules here than where I used to live. Not too many people all up in my stuff telling how or when I can park my car or if I can have chickens in my yard and such. Yes we have less rules, but one which I should have followed today is, don’t leave the house in spring without a jacket! It isn’t a state law or anything, just a fact to protect the stupid!

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