Getting what’s coming!


I am always blown away at the smarts of some people. This morning I saw a video of a guy trying to rob a convenience store by talking tough and telling the cashier to give him money. What he didn’t know was the owner was an ex-marine who happen to be watching on the store security camera in the back. The owner walked up to this gentleman and told him to leave the store even holding the door so he could make a quick exit.  This genius started for the door but then sucker punched the owner on the way out. The owner barely flinched but then returns the blow knocking the would be crook to the ground. I’m sure this guy was very surprised to run it to someone who stood up to him. He was probably used to people backing down. The problem for tough guys is eventually you run into someone tougher. The owner once he has put this guy in his place then asks him if he is alright and then offers him a hand to get back up on his feet. You can tell by the video that the crook has no idea how to react. He stumbles to his feet and walks away. The interview with the owner showed a humble guy who was just doing what he needed to do and nothing more. Let hope that this crook learned a valuable lesson, but I am not holding out hope. Some of us have to make the same mistakes more than once and some just never learn.

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