Computer Competency Test.

I don’t want to be mean, but I have a job which puts me in contact with computer users of all kinds. Not all of them should be allowed to use those computers. Yesterday I installed a brand new copier and some of the features were not the same as the old one, which means a lot of people are calling me today because they don’t know how to use the new features. Not to ay them all one user figured out how to make something work for his very unique process and asked me to change the default setting so it would do it automatically. This user is awesome to me because he figured it out and all I had to do was make some changes to make his life easier. Another sent the same fax, who knows how many times because it didn’t print out a confirmation sheet, so it must not have sent! I can see the company at the other end wondering why they have thirty copies of the same invoice. I get that not everyone has aptitude toward computers but there has to be a minimum level of competency for the job, right? I am not asking for genius, that would put me out of a job, but can’t we agree that the minimum should be that you can fax from an unfamiliar copier.

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