Confessions from No-Shave November!

I am starting to be a little jealous of my friends who are observing the no-shave November. Several by the second week looked as if they had been in an Amish community for years; Only the straw hat was missing. Others looked like Grizzly Adams (Kids ask your parents on this one) I half expected them to be wearing flannel shirts with their business coat and tie. Others have the Marlboro man thing working, no matter how long they let it go they always look like they came straight from the barber’s chair.  My face on the other hand will never reach any of those lofty goals. My face appears to others as if I was dragged behind a car on my face so as to let the pavement grind off large portions of possible coverage. Nothing happens in a way which would allow for a cool mustache or goatee. No, when I don’t shave the only usefulness is possibly old paint or soap scum removal, but only in small areas. It isn’t really a threat to my manhood, I just wish I had the option even if I would never do it. I really shouldn’t complain though, we all have our gifts, even if I will never be accepted by the Amish or the wilderness.

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