Corporate souls!

So the Supreme Court just ruled that privately held corporations can have a heart and a soul. That is good. What ever you think of the ruling companies, like people reflect a kind of persona, either good or bad. We should be encouraging to do and be good corporate citizens. Some people hate all companies except the ones they believe responsible, which usually means they give money to whichever cause they think is important. In this day and age you see most companies with any kind of marketing  doing more to say they care about people of cats or even the environment. Those causes are popular and so they give money to plant trees or send their employees out to pickup trash as a PR move. But if it is unpopular like abortion or traditional families you will see many out complaining or telling everyone to boycott them. I applaud any company that actually cares about an issue enough to fight for it. This shows me that they are more than the money they make and isn’t that what everyone wants them to be?

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