Crash and Dash

Apple computers has a real love of two things. Aircraft aluminum and glass. they are fanatical about it with both the computers they make and the retail stores scattered about the country. Every one I have been in has an all glass front with big glass doors. they are pretty but I noticed something a while back. Every time I went to our local one at least one of the doors was always broken. I didn’t know if it was a problem with the door itself or a problem with the glass breaking.

Well a week ago someone decided the easy way to get what you want from the Mac store was to drive to it, literally! They took a stolen car and drove it right through the glass front grabbing a bunch of product and ran away. They obviously had a plan because they got into another car and drove away. I thought this was an original thinker until yesterday, when I learned this has happened at multiple Apple stores around the country. While glass makes for a cool looking store front I think it is proving to be a poor deterrent when it comes to theft. Apple may need to review the idea of glass and move the store fronts over to the other love, Aluminum. I would be a really expensive storefront but at least it would make some of the thieves think twice.

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