This crazy meat suit!

textures-skin-2.bbI just did a horrific thing. I wonder if you have ever taken your keyboard, one from a desktop computer flipped it over and tapped it on the desk? I would like to say that I should have expected it but what came out was not good! A mix of skin, hair, and food fell on to the desk, scrambling me to get a bleach based wipe and swab the whole desk. Some of the clumps resembled items from the periodic table, while other appeared to be of unknown origin. Yes I eat at my desk most days so I shouldn’t be shocked by the food but it always amazes me to see how much skin and body leftovers come out. Skin and how our bodies works is amazing to me. To think that I type away little microscopic organisms attach themselves to me and the keyboard or that pieces of me fall off by the pound filling my keyboard, bed and chair blows my mind. At the average rate of one million cells a day we are like a dump truck of skin leaving parts of ourselves everywhere. The process of losing and making new cells every second of every day means at some point we have replaced our entire shell with a new one. Too bad I can’t control that and have it make a little less in some areas.

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