Crazy train

Maybe I am getting really old but I can’t remember ever hearing about an elementary school kid being under school arrest? I went to a school I support to work on an issue and found out some kid was talking to the police and was under school arrest. First, I don’t even know what that means. Second, that seems really scary. Is it the new no tolerance policies or is the world just going to hell in a hand basket? I read today that a young man got expelled from school for making the gesture of throwing a hand grenade at imaginary monsters at his school! This is the crazy land of extremes we have become. Not only are our children losing the ability to make good choices, so are our adults. When I was a kid I did some really dumb things. If my Dad caught me doing them I got in trouble. If one of the neighbor kids parents caught me, I was still in trouble. They didn’t always tell my dad, but they would give us a lecture and it scared us. I didn’t run to my Dad and tell him someone else yelled at me because he would have said “Good”! He would not have called that neighbor dad and yelled at him. He would have told me to “knock it off”! So now the schools are always wrong so they go to extremes and kick everyone out even if it is a silly offense. Which in turn has created this crazy cycle we are in now. I don’t know how we are going to get out of this mess we have created, but we have to start teaching common sense to our children and adults. Maybe then we can get off this crazy train!

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