Cubical farms and white noise

Awe the corporate life! Working in a large organization always has its perks and downfalls. Depending on the culture of where you work, some or all of these things are a part of the daily hamster wheel.

1. The break-room refrigerator is always a mess. If it has a freezer it will be a giant block of ice in need of de-frosting. I alway enjoy the three or four popsicles which are buried in the ice. It is just a matter of how desperate you are for something sweet as to whether or not you will take a letter opener and try to free one.

2. The white noise will slowly fade from your mind. Unless you sit right under the unit putting it out. Then like sitting in a Laundromat it will just keep sounding like you forgot to empty the change from your pockets.

3. Meetings will aways start late unless you are the one running late. Meeting to meeting with no break in between are the norm. You have to hire people who attend the meetings so the others can get the job done. If you schedule someone to talk for fifteen minutes they will take thirty and if your company allows it, no one will be listening because they are updating their Facebook status.

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