Cubicle farm madness.

NX_telemarketer_man_womanI don’t know how much money companies spend on rearranging the cube farms, but it has to be a lot. Companies employ groups of folks to take apart and put it all back together in a slightly different configuration with the desk facing left instead of right. Not only the cubes have to be moved but also the power and network cable used have to be dealt with as well. We take it out, some places don’t even re-use it so you buy new and put it in just so the manager can have some power over where their people work. They quote some study where a company took everything away from the employees and just had standard cubes, which everyone shared. The result was predictable no one liked it. I don’t think we can take everyone out of having their own space but can’t we agree to a uniform design which might make someone have to walk a little farther to converse with a co-worker? We could say that the walking is part of a health and wellness program.

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