Customer Service my eye!

I have a customer who uses Comcast for internet access. Today they came in to work and they had no internet access. After many calls a guy shows up close to noon and figures out pretty quickly that another Comcast technician had “turned off” the service because they had excessive feed back. So basically because the line from Comcast was not clean they turned it off.

So a technician shows up figures out there is a problem. At this point he has several  choices.

1. Fix the problem. He could have spent a few minutes to see if he could figure out what the issue was. Even if in those few minutes he recognized it would be a big job and talk to the customer and explain the issue and schedule a time to come fix it. Or even if it isn’t his job to fix it, call someone who can fix it and let them know of the issue.

2. Pull the plug on the business. Mind you, this was not easy. He got out of his truck, either he had a bucket truck in which he had to set up to raise it up to the pole or get a large latter and climb up. He then spent time putting the filter in the line, packet up and left.

I would like to thank this genius for my day.

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