Dad Jokes!

The Best Dad Mug Showing A Cool FatherAs a Dad I have many things I have to remember, birthdays and children’s names and even favorite cake flavors. But I also have a few standby saying I have to keep stored up that I can throw out when ever needed. You know, Dad jokes or things which now are expected from me when my kids give me the same old lines. For example, if one of my children says they are tired or hungry I say, “Glad to meet you, I am Dad”. This is always met with eye rolls or face scrunches meant to convey exasperation but only give me the fuel to use the same line again. Another used for car trips is the classic, “Now I know why lemmings jump off cliffs”. This one is usually brought out toward the end of a long day of driving when complaints of personal air space sniffing or touching are reaching a climax and the threats of stopping the car are known to be idle. As a note I have never actually stopped the car because this would just make the trip take even longer. I want nothing more than to reach my destination as quickly as possible with as many brain cells as I can keep from draining out, stopping would probably relieve me of the last ones I have!

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