The days of Trains!

traintracksA few years back we were going to California to spend Christmas with my family. I thought it would be fun to take the train. So we called to find out how much it would cost. Turns out it would have cost us about five times more per person to ride over flying. That quickly killed that dream. I get the draw of a train ride, it would have allowed us to enjoy the countryside and views along the way, but it would have also taken a couple of days each way. I hate being jammed into an airplane, I do not enjoy the process of going through security and finding your gate in what tries to be an overpriced and over crowded mall. Driving in my car is cheaper but takes a few days like the train but sitting in a car for that long gets to your backside. Really, I could make it in one day but it is easier to do in two. While it can be annoying it gives me an option and if I look at my saving account and see a lack of funds It makes my decision easy to make. I would have probably enjoyed the train but when I can be annoyed for a few hours and arrive at my destination for a few hundred dollars it really isn’t even a question, which I will do. I really think it is too bad that the train is not an option, but the days of trains for travel are really long gone.

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