What motivates you? What helps you get the most out of each day? There are blogs by some great motivators which I read regularly which talk about get the most out of the day. I also occasionally make a list of the things I need to get done. All of these things help me keep focused on what I think is important. I am pretty scattered so I regularly struggle with being focused on one thing or another.  I have never thought of using my death as a motivator to get more out of the days I have been given. A new group is creating a watch which takes your answers to questions to determine your life expectancy and putting that info on a watch which counts down the days you have left.  The project is listed here:

This is not very motivating to me. Watching my life count down is as big a downer for me as I can think of. Yes, I want to do a good job and get more out of my days, but looking at my arm and seeing my life count down is just depressing. It makes me think of all the things I have not done, it makes me want to sit in my big comfy chair and eat ice cream. I am taking better care of myself lately so I would hope that the watch would say I have a significant number of days left, but that would just depress me that I have to keep living for a long time. If you really wanted to motivate me maybe they could create a watch which counts down my days till retirement. At least that would help me get through Monday mornings. Seeing where social security is going maybe that is depressing as well.

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