Death wish

Some people have a death wish. I was driving to work today and saw an older man running on the side of the road. Not just any road, one of the largest in town. Three to four lanes each direction. At least he was running toward the cars but I would be totally freaked out even standing next to cars going fifty to sixty let alone running next to them. If one of the many text while you drive fans swerves at you, you are toast no matter what. And while on the subject I also love the bicyclists who ride on our back roads. We have one lane each way and no shoulder, but there they are putting their trust into strangers hands hoping the cars going by are paying attention. I talked to a guy who does this and asked him if it freaked him out. He said it did. He talked about the feeling of a large truck with giant mirrors on the side whizzing right by his ear. What I should have asked is if his life insurance would cover his children’s college? I like to ride and I like to run, but I will only do it where I am safe. Partly because I am a chicken and partly because I just don’t have that much insurance.

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