Dental Hygienist from Hell!

TeethYesterday I went to the dentist office for a cleaning. I do like the feeling of running my tongue over my teeth after the hygienist is done, but I have not always been fond of the person who does the job. Some hygienists are over the top kind, like the one I have. Any time she pokes my mouth she apologizes and asks if everything is ok. Sorry about the taste of blood she said, sorry if it is hurting; let me know if it is hurting? It is almost as if she is sorry for the way I take care of my teeth. I know if I flossed and brushed like I should it would make the experience better, but I won’t so I pay her to do the job I don’t. The thing is she is the gentlest hygienists I have ever been to. I used to go to a guy who would just about stand on my chest with a chainsaw grinding away, making disapproving sounds telling me horror stories of good mouths gone bad. He always told me I needed deeper cleaning and would take the little probe thing and jam it so far into my gums that my leg would jump up in some involuntary spasm. His chair needed a seat belt to keep me in it while he tormented me in a little shop of horrors kind of way. I mentioned that to my current one and she shakes her head and says she doesn’t know why some do that? I think I do, you can’t get into cleaning people’s teeth without a little sadistic tendencies. Sticking sharp objects into soft tissue and expecting it to not hurt is not reality, getting off on it allows them enjoy the job! The guy I used to go to, really liked his job!

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