Depressing trips to the Doctors!

male-doctor-92313-599So my wife finally got me to make my once a decade trip to the doctor. I hate the doctor’s office! First they put you in the waiting area, till at least fifteen minutes after the appointment time. Even thou they asked me to come twenty minutes early to the appointment to fill out paperwork. After checking the two boxes that pertain to my medical history and sign that I understand my rights in three different places as well as state that I don’t smoke or do drugs. Then when they call my name I think things are going to start happening. Except it is really a deception they just move me into an isolation room where they can leave me for another twenty minutes. Just when I am about to start stuffing my pockets with cotton balls and long tongue depressors when he finally walks in. Time in the office an hour and a half, time with the doctor ten minutes. Well thank God I only do this once a decade, any more often and I would really have to start stealing school project supplies.

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