Difference #1088

To those who don’t think there are differences between men and women need only look to the soap tray in the shower to know better. To men the greatest invention was the shampoo and body wash combo. It can’t get any better than only having to buy one product to take care of everything. Squeeze a little on your hand or wash cloth and your shower is over. Except for rinsing one pass head to toe will “getter done!”. But one look at the multitude of products in my shower proves that women do not share our simplistic view of the process. Three different kinds of hair products alone, baffle the mind as to how all of them can be applied in one shower without running the water heater out. Heaven forbid I use the body soap on my face! Really? If it were up to me I would take all the bars of soap and the little pieces that always get stuck in the drain or molded into the tray and mash them into one all-purpose bar. Don’t get me wrong, we appreciate all the hard work you women put into looking so marvelous. You just won’t get us to give the same amount of effort. Lets face it ,clean underwear was as far as our mothers could get us to go!

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