Difference #1652 “Wedding games”

62-1013tm-cart-moreI know I have written on the differences between men and women before but yesterday during a conversation with a member of the fairer sex (yes I said it) I realized another, which is in need of mentioning. When it comes to picking out what to wear to a wedding we can not be farther apart on how we choose. It is especially noticeable if they are part of the wedding party. Men get fitted for a tux, they go to which ever shop they are told to go to and get measured for the suit they will wear, they might even tell the person doing the measuring to leave a little room because they are planning on being heavier at the time of the event. Woman on the other hand will buy a dress that is three or four times smaller than their current size and then proceed to starve and exercise themselves until they are in panic mode because the event draws near and they are not able to get into the dress. Men are just unwilling to put in that much work for a one-day event even if it is a big one! I know you woman want to look your best and we do appreciate your efforts in this area, I just hope you don’t have high expectations of us recognizing the effort, we are after all men.

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