The Differences #344 – Office Food!

breadOffice food, and the consumption of it has some real differences to it depending on the men to women ratio in your office. Men will always have to adjust to this ratio to belong, women don’t seem to change.  For example at work sometimes extra food from meetings or gifts from vendors will be left out on the table and an email will be sent out telling everyone that it is free for the taking. Men, rush in getting a plate and filling it with all the goodies regardless of whether others are coming. It is a kind of piranha style grab all you can and run mentality. Women on the other hand will start cutting things in half and offering it to the next person who walks in trying to dole it out in the fairest way. If someone happens to bring goodies from home and walk around offering it to office mates, men will gladly take as much as they think is acceptable while women will politely tell you about why they can’t eat one or why they are trying to cut back. I know full well that if you leave it in your cube telling everyone that they can come get some, all the women will but they will wait till no one is looking. Another observations is, if men set out the food there are no plates or utensils and the food is in a gallon storage bag dropped from at lea three feet above the table. Women will have brought the good china from home!

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