Do Ya Think?

There was a shooting at a local bar. The news story said a man had been shot to death by security after brandishing a gun and threatening people. The news anchor said that this bar over the last year had 215 police incidents over the last year. This is the best part, the liquor board was investigating if this bar was a trouble spot! The police were called to this bar, on average ever 1.7 days in the last year but we are not sure if it is a “trouble spot”? I do not frequent bars but I wonder if calling the cops every 1.7 days is not an issue, what is? Shouldn’t death be a marker of trouble? How about dismemberment? I would like to think I am not one to over react to a situation, but I want to sit in on the liquor board meeting in which they go over all the bars that had deaths in the past month. I can see them discussing whether a single death counts or do they rank them by shots fired? Well this bar had only one shooting so they are ok, but this other bar served alcohol to a minor so lets close them! I think I will go out on a limb and say this bar needs a time out, and if the liquor board can’t figure this one out. They do too!

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