Doggy treats for all!

When we moved out-of-town we got away from the neighborhood HOA’s This is a good and bad thing. We take care of our yard but if I leave a trash can out on the curb no one is going to write me up. Some of the things they care about or whine about make me crazy. Some make sense but are enforced by people who need to get a life. I just had a long discussion with a HOA president who has had an ongoing beef with a home owner over the neighbors dog pooping in their yard. The home owner wants this person arrested or sued. The problem is they have to catch them in the act with pictures or video. So this is what we have come to, staking out our yard with high-powered cameras to catch dogs pooping. Painting your house crazy colors or putting cars on blocks in your front yard seem like things to worry about. We have lost all ability to be neighbors or even work out our problems without the courts. in the words of Rodney King “Can’t we all just get along?”If it was me, I would put it in a baggy, light it on fire and set it on their doorstep until they got the message.

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