Don’t get too comfortable!

Well last week was a kick in the pants! I thought I was on top of the world. I got a new job, My second son is heading off to college, and all my cars seem to be running for now. Life was going pretty smooth. All that changed in the matter of hours. Now I am living in the basement of my in-laws home, our animals, other than the chickens that didn’t make it, are at a temporary barn, and our home is surrounded by what looks like a war zone! We really don’t live our lives like every moment is a gift. So many things could have gone differently, so many things could have gone wrong! My wife works nights so she could have been sleeping. It was her day off so she was up and doing things. All the kids were home. I was at work but the kids helped get everything loaded and hooked up so we could evacuate. The fire could have started somewhere where we would not have had a bird’s eye view of the smoke and so have been slow to get out. We were going through the everyday hoping for nothing to change when everything did! Life is really funny that way, the minute you think you are king of the world, along comes something to knock you off your perch!

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