Don’t touch that moth!

I don’t understand what scientific classification makes something a species? Why is one moth because it has an extra spot or yellow instead of orange different? I am a white male that doesn’t make me a different species from my Mexican or Black friends so why do moths get too? I think it is because we have too many scientists out of work. Think about it? If they all had jobs making stuff they wouldn’t be going around looking for moths, worms or fish to name after themselves. Can’t we employ these people to find cures for diseases, not  figure out that there are only three fish with this spot so we have to shut down entire towns to save the three fish? If I understand genetics, and by understand I mean I read a comic book about it once, if this is in the genes of these critters it will surface again because it is in the crazy blender of genetics. It is why I have the hair from my mother’s side of the family but am a dead on for my Dad’s dad facial feature wise. Seems to me we need to find more useful jobs for these people, that way we can avoid the obvious Al Gore references. After all, global warming can’t make everyone rich!

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