That donut ain’t free!

8a1z-052814-akpI hate dieting! I hate having to watch what I eat. The only reason I exercise is so I can eat. Every time I do anything like go out to dinner or on a business trip I come back and have to repent by eating like a rabbit until I drop the pounds again. I would never make it as a model, the not eating or tossing it back up does not compute in my mind. I want to go to Country Buffet and sit at the trough until I am just about full, they I hit the chocolate fountain! People ask me how I lost 75 pounds like I have some secret or special sauce. I think they are hoping I will say, “I just took this amazing pill for a week and it all fell off” When I tell them I worked my behind off, they look very disappointed. I do feel great, I have ten times the energy I did, but it takes everything that I have to stay here. One of these days I am hoping that I have retrained my brain to just eat like this normally. Until then I will look sadly at the box of donuts marked free and know they are not!

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