Dream a little dream!

Dreams Blocks Showing Optimism Future And AmbitionWhile we were listening to the College president speak at my son’s graduation ceremony he brought up all the slogans we see on the walls of all the public educational establishments. Great platitudes like, “reach for the stars” or “dream big dreams”. All of these statements meant to inspire the students of the institution to rise up and reach some measure of greatness. I question as he did, the real meaning and reason for these, but I also wonder if they even work. What is the motivation for someone to go on to greatness? What if they put up posters that said, “go make millions!” or how about “Go crush everyone else!” would these motivate the students to greatness? There are a billion books out there that talk about the habits of successful people or the things they did that made them successful, but I don’t see guides that tell me how to keep plugging away at your dreams when they are more like a boulder around your neck. Sometimes our dreams let us down, they never work out how we plan, but some keep trying long after others give up. Some one told me that most people probably don’t realize how close they are to achieving their dream when they give up. That is a good thing to remember when you feel your dream just isn’t going to happen!

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