To dream the impossible dream!

America won the first metal ever in singles luge yesterday. The luge has been an Olympic sport for fifty years and we had never ever won a medal. The Germans on the other hand had won something like fifty-three of all the metals ever handed out in those fifty years. That is domination, not only domination but an all-out slap your grandma punishing of the rest of the world. So I want to know how it has stayed an Olympic sport for all those years? If the U.S. dominated sport like that they would pull it from the games. I am not crying foul here but just wondering how to get the rest of the world in on the winning in every sport. I like that we win the metal count most years, I like that we send the most athlete’s most years, but for it to be a real competition there has to be some sports we stink at. Cross-country skiing come to mind as something we rarely win, the Scandinavian seem to have a lock on that sport. Obviously, luge is a German thing, but nothing in my mind has been better for the sports as the Jamaicans having a bobsled team. I can’t say they will ever win, but a country with no history and no practical knowledge of the sport can get involved and work to achieve greatness is to me the message of the Olympics. Knowing that anyone has a shot at greatness is the point of sports, and what they all work for. I just like to see everyone have that shot.

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