Dumb Criminal payback

A guy was arrested after swallowing a diamond ring at a jewelry store. I am not sure if he though they would just let him go or if he was thinking at all. After he was arrested they took an X-ray to prove the deed was done and then locked him up. While we all know that  time will eventually produce the ring, I was wondering what could be done to make the time fit the crime.

1. If you have ever had a colonoscopy they give this stuff to take the day before that flushes just about everything you ever plan to eat out of your system. I say he is given some of that to make the wait much shorter and more entertaining for the police.

2. We could take a magnet and put it on his stomach and move it around. That ought to put a few scratches on the sidewall so to speak.

3. We could use a rubber stopper to block anything from happening until he promises to not eat anything other than his mom’s cooking.

Yeah I know these are probably not ever going to happen. But I wish we could make it as hard on that guy as it was for the rookie cop who got stuck with that job!

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