Eat your own Dog Food!

dogfoodNotice how all the politicians who were screaming about global warming have changed the song to Global climate change? I looked up articles in the eighties and all the same people were lamenting the coming ice age. They said we needed to spend lots of money to stop it. Then when the data didn’t support their stories they switched to warming and now just to calling it change! Many of them seem to have gone into hiding including the head walrus Al Gore. Al conveniently sold off his TV holding that were in the toilet to oil barons who he claims are to blame for the whole thing so he can sit back in his giant energy sucking home and fly his energy sucking private plane around to tell everyone his story of “Man is bad, Al Gore good!” Really what does all this screaming and conniving come down to, money. If someone else besides these folks is making it they want to take it away, but if they are rolling in it don’t touch it. Wind farms are killing bats and eagles, bio fuels are causing prices to rise on corn, starving millions in poor countries. So they want us all to ride bicycles except they need to have limo’s deliver them because of how important they are. Until I see these so-called leaders living in mud huts and riding to the capitol on a recycled bicycle, I am unwilling to eat that dog food!

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