Please tell me what I can eat!

twinkiesWould somebody figure out what I should or should not be eating already! Eggs are bad for me, no wait they are good for me. Coffee, good and bad, steak bad this week but that could change. When I was younger they made us all switch from butter to margarine but then we found out the stuff was terrible. Some study last week said that vitamins really aren’t doing much for us. So what am I supposed to eat? There was a Woody Alan movie when I was a kid in which he traveled to the future. In the movie they are all eating Twinkies because they found out they are good for you. As silly as it seems it was kind of prophetic! I can guess that the Twinkie thing is never going to be true, but I wish scientists would stop making releasing findings without some real testing of that data. Perhaps it isn’t the scientists at all, they publish these things in scientific journals to have others review and possibly refute the findings in a kind of comment phase. Maybe the press should wait to see how this part pans out before they rush to tell us to change our diet. Then again if the study looks stupid to begin with, we should just ignore it all together!

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