Have you noticed the proliferation of dating websites advertising on TV? Not only are there a lot of them they seem to be catering to more and more select groups. There is one for those over fifty called “Our Time” just to name one. I actually have seen one for those who have special needs. and of course they must have some catchy name. Match, Zoosk, Datehookup, and of course eHarmony. It all seems so awkward. Where does it stop? I’m sure that if it hasn’t already been created there will be a site for women who prefer cats over men to meet their ideal cat. How about the guy who tried to marry the Eiffel tower, should we create a site for people wanting to meet buildings? instead of eHarmony it would be ibrickery? While there are many reasons why I am glad to be married, one is the prospect of having to date. I was bad at it the first time I would not want to do that again! I would have to find a site for ADD adults who work in IT with bad vision and weak ankles. maybe “eDDglasses.com”.

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