Energy Drink my Eye!

Thirsty High Class Chihuahua Having A Drink From A Straw And GlassHave you had any of these energy drinks that have popped up over the last couple of years? I am not a big fan of using them all the time, but every once and a while when I am dragging I will try one to see if it will help. They have all these crazy names Red Bull, Rockstar, Monster and Animal rage! And they all cost about three times more than a regular soda. Here is the list of ingredients from the one I just bought called Go Fast! Carbonated water, citric acid, natural flavors, honey, sodium citrate and sucralose. Also added into these drinks is caffeine but that varies by brand some of them less than a soda some of them five times more than an espresso. So what I see here is about a nickels worth of ingredients being sold to me for two dollars and fifty cents. They also publicize that it contains Milk thistle and Guarana extract, like I would know what those are? I guess I am supposed to be impressed by the amount of weeds and grubs they are able to put in the can of glorified soda because the label tells me I should be! This is all a really great marketing campaign by the same folks who bring us sodas. They have figured out we will pay more if we think it has some medicinal purpose. They used to call these people snake oil salesmen, now they call them executives!

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