Equality my bacon!

I know I am gonna hear it from the women in my life, but equality is a bunch of malarkey! I accidentally walked into a women’s bathroom and saw the amazing flowers, paintings and couch, none of which is in the guys and thought, I have been ripped off! You ladies got it good. We get the stark plain room and you get an attendant. Lets face it, until a man can win an argument saying he had a kidney stone you women are still going to look down on as less than equals. We men used to have things like sports and cars, now you have title 9 and Danica Patrick racing in Nascar. What do we have? No men only clubs, thou women only is ok. No, couch in our bathroom, whether I would want to sit in the bathroom is beside the point! You even get cheaper car insurance. I have asked my wife on many occasions to let me be a house husband and the answer has always been the same. So until I get to rest comfortably in the privacy of my own three stalled restroom. I am gonna protest the inequality we men have to face! Until then you can find me sulking in my cube!

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