Faith in Technology

I am working in a school district IT shop. This means I am surrounded by guys with all sorts of technology assumptions. Some are Apple fans, some Windows and still others prefer Linux. Because of this there is a fair amount of banter about which is best. While much of it is funny, some of it boarders on religious dogma!

Fan boys, go crazy over Apple products, and if anyone says anything about the products you would think you questioned if they are a christian or not!

Linux fanatics will then chime in telling you how it is superior to all others in every way!  I agree, it is superior in every way except for user-base and compatibility.

The Microsoft guys can no longer defend themselves other than to remind you of the number of users world-wide, but secretly worry about the future and if they have put all their faith in a fading platform.

All of this is sad really. All of them are just tools. Putting that much of who we are into a company or a computer makes for disappointment no matter which one you use. If you are going to have faith in something let’s make sure it isn’t Intel based.

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