Farwell to You!

One of the most awkward times in the work place is when someone is leaving. This is where a person finds out what their co-workers really thought. Some get a huge party, heads of the company show up and words are said about the person or even gifts are given. These types of parties are mandatory for the VP or higher, even if the person was a jerk. You have to show up just to be seen at the event. The best is when you can shake a few hands, have a piece of cake and leave out the back. Some are for people who have been a great co-worker they will really be missed and you hope the replacement is half as good. These guys get multiple because smaller groups will take them out to lunch just to get to say the things they couldn’t say at work. If they are someone who you couldn’t wait for the announcement it might be reduced to cupcakes at their desk. A pat on the back and the question of where you going are asked so as to know where not to apply next. If you don’t know the person very well it can be awkward to stand around looking for anyone to talk to. The worst is when they ask for volunteers to say something about the person. The story is usually inappropriate for the work place and reveals way more than you wanted to know about your co-worker. All around these events should be avoided when you leave, for everyone’s sake.

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