What’s you favorite band, and other dumb questions.

Vinyl records isolatedAsking someone who their favorite band is can be an ordeal you are not ready for. On one of the casual Friday’s I have written about before I saw a co-worker wearing a Pink Floyd Dark side of the Moon tee-shirt. I jokingly made a remark about the band and an hour later realized I had made a huge mistake. Some can take or leave bands or music others have made these bands life coaches. I had a great friend who used to follow his favorite band along the west coast when they played seeing them in every city he could get to. When remarking about the band you could see the pain in his eye’s if it was not favorable. I am not sure what happened to him when they broke up but I’m sure it put his life into a tail spin. He probably had to seek out a new band or perhaps he started attending church, something had to fill the void left. I love music but I just can’t get that into any band. Too many times I have thought of them as role models only to find out their lives are less than admiral. The ability to write good lyrics and string notes together in a pleasing fashion is a great skill I wish I had, but it doesn’t require the person to be an upstanding person. In fact, it seems that this ability is contrary to being well-adjusted in many cases. So as I listen to my eighties rock on Spotify, I will enjoy it not put my hope in it.

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