Fear and intimidation!

When I was young and stupid I went with a friend to San Francisco to go see a band play at a small bar. The bar was right around the corner from some she knew.The plan was to go to the bar then crash at the friend’s house. We all met at the house and then walked down to the corner store got some snacks and walked over to the bar. We were there for a few hours when everyone but me wanted to leave. I start to protest when they suggested I just stay and then walk back when I was done. I agreed, and after another hour or so decided to leave. The house was right on the other side of a park so instead of going around I decided to walk straight through the middle. As I got to the other side of the park I was cutting through a baseball field when I came across a group of about twenty young black guys mulling in the dug out. I didn’t think much of it and called out “what’s up guys?” and kept walking. Maybe it was because I had a few drinks in me but it didn’t seem like a big deal. When I got to the friend’s house I mentioned how quick it was to get back cutting through the park and everybody’s eyes got wide and they cried out “you walked through the park!” The fear I had missed while it was happening was now on everybody’s face and I realized I should have been very afraid of what I had just done. While I was lucky, and everybody was probably over reacting, that was a real situation for those emotions. What is not is the Lady now complaining that the logo of her college UCONN promotes rape and violence. A drawing of what looks like a serious or determined husky dog, is not a sign of violence but today it becomes a sign of stupidity! If this lady thinks her opinions towards the school logo will change the culture of her college, I have a bridge I want to sell her!

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