Fear of parking lot carnivals.

childrens-carnival-ride-1013tm-pic-1818Today on the way to work as I came around a corner several large trucks parked on the side of the road. These trucks had large flatbed trailers on them carrying several carnival rides. One had large brightly colored elephants the other red and green bucket style seats, which looked like they belonged to a Ferris wheel. Many people would look at those and smile possibly remembering fun times from their youth; I on the other hand cringed. I have no idea why I see a carnival as a scary thing. You would think I had been carried off by clowns as a baby and forced to become a carny! Yet nothing like that ever happened. Carnivals which setup in a usually empty parking lot and malls do not draw me in, they make me go to the other side of the mall and park. I remember a cartoon my kids were watching once which jokingly stated that the only laws carnivals had to follow were the laws of physics. Maybe my fear is not of the rides or the questionable gypsy status of the operators, maybe it is the possibility that hiding within their stable of attractions a clown could be lurking!

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