Feeling old for a Friday!

NX_senior_man_wheelchairMan am I feeling old! Lets just say I have been out in the working world for a good long while now. Yes I am turning 50 this year; yes I am closer to retirement than I am to the beginning of my career. Those things don’t usually bother me, but this week I was in a meeting when someone who looked familiar asked me if I had worked at a place in my past. I responded yes, I worked there for eleven years. She then asked me if I remembered her mother, at that moment the light went on that she was the spitting image of her mother. This has happened to me three times over the past year. I am now working with the children of people I worked with and for. That is just depressing! These were kids just a few years ago, newly married or still single these co-workers were born after I graduated high school. All I have to say is ”that ain’t right!” Fifty like forty before it and possibly thirty as well all seem to happen with little or no fan fare. I don’t feel a curtain age it almost feels like an external thing, something other say but I cannot internalize what it really means. To me something that happened forty years ago seem like yesterday, and things that happened yesterday I couldn’t even remember today!

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