Thanks for filling my box with spam!

Spam Definition Magnifier Showing Unwanted And Malicious EmailMost of the time the spam I get in my inbox is annoying. Many times it is just ridiculous, I am not going to buy a watch that looks just like a watch I wouldn’t buy, or any pill which would require me to see a doctor or lay naked in a bathtub in the middle of a vineyard. If I want any of those drugs I am sure I could see my doctor and get him to prescribe them. I don’t speak Chinese or whatever language some of them are in, so why would I click on it? My favorite from lately is luxury cruises and safaris. Truly these people don’t know whom they are sending these to or they would send the cheap trip around the block email. I would have to be delusional to think I am going to be able to afford a safari in Africa or even crazier to think someone is willing to sell me a trip for the price of a tank of gas. If I want to get ripped off I could just drive to the bad part of town and wave my wallet around, until then I think I will let the spam filter do it’s job.

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