Fit Pick, my bacon!

fitpickIn our lunch room there is a vending machine. It is right next to the soda machine, and it contains many of the usual suspect’s chips, candy and mini doughnuts. As I stand looking at the available selections I am greeted by a few items that have been deemed special by the placement of a sticker calling them “Fit Picks”. I am sure this is a plan of the corporate health officer who worked on the vendor to add “health options” in the vending machine for those of us who cannot recognize that mini doughnuts may not be the healthiest option in our diet. While some of these are probably healthier options than say the potato skins, I really wonder if the fruit flavored gummy bears are really a “Fit Pick”. Who chooses what gets a sticker? The pop tarts are 400 calories per square and if that really is fruit inside I am a monkey’s uncle, yet I am to believe they are better for me than the cinnamon roll? I am going to go out on a limb here and say that if my diet consists of vending machine breakfast and lunches, that little sticker is not going to make much of a difference when I get on my scale.

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