Formal Complaint!

I would like to officially file a complaint with the Man upstairs over the things women get over men. I know it isn’t every man or every women but for the most part we guys get stuck with the dirty jobs. It isn’t fair! I can already hear the women who will bring up the whole birth thing, and yes that is hard but it shouldn’t count for ever other job. Besides these days they just stick a needle in your back and you don’t have to feel a thing. Below is just a few.

  1. Taking the family pet to be put to sleep. I don’t want to do this anymore. Our beloved dog has probably got only a year at most and I just can’t take this job anymore. I know I am supposed to be the tough one but this just stinks.
  2. Mom’s get to be the ones who kiss booboo’s or get to give hugs when someone is sick or scared. Dad’s get to kill the spiders or yell when someone leaves the door open to the backyard. It’s just not fair.
  3. When kids grow up and receive awards they thank Mom. There they are on national TV and what do they say, Thank God and Mom. Not Dad who worked his butt off so you could take the acting or music lessons, oh no, it’s mom.
  4. Fixing stuff, if I wanted to swing a hammer I would have gotten a job in construction. And even if I did do that for a living who wants to come home and do it all night long? Mom gets the school projects that require art and presentations, Dad’s get the build a dream house diorama the night before it is due till 3am, and that just isn’t right!

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