Friday on my mind!

Why is Friday so much better a day than Monday? I know it is the end of the working week but the same amount of things go wrong on Friday as do Monday! I could walk into work on a Monday and have my usual ten cups of coffee and have an easy day, and Friday could be a day when my hair catches on fire and I would still see it as a better day. Is it that we get to break our routine for a few days? Is it that we can do a few things we have planned all week? My Saturdays often involve doing house work or fixing a car, that isn’t what I want to do. I have also spent an entire saturday at the fair taking care of our animals. That really isn’t what I want to do. Yet I still look upon Friday as a good day. If I really think about it every one of those days is working for the same thing, that is supporting my family. The only real difference is, if I am getting paid for the hours I am putting in. So Monday I am going to say “Happy Monday” to myself and act like it’s a Friday. Let see if it makes any difference!

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