A little Friday Pondering?

166-1013tm-cart-posesThis Friday has for some reason has me pondering things that don’t always make sense. There are those things in our lives that we have lived with for years and yet maybe don’t understand. Examples maybe why we still have tires that go flat on cars? You know they know how to make them where they never go flat so why do we still drive around with tires that require me to fill them with air? I also can’t stand that the gas stations either don’t have air anymore or charge me $2 to put air in my tires.

Since I am on the subject of cars, when I go to the gas station I know that my car has a fifteen gallon gas tank. Many times when I fill up it will stop a little past fifteen gallons. I figure there is some room in the pipe or whatever. This morning it stopped at eighteen gallons. What is the deal, should I look under the car or am I being ripped off!

Another thing I don’t get is bicycle seats. When I was a kid we would get on our bikes in the morning during the summer and ride them all day. Now I can’t ride for longer than a few minutes and I feel like John Wayne getting off of a horse. Are the seats harder or have I become some delicate flower that can’t ride anymore? With all the technology we have can’t we create a “no more tears” version of a bike seat?


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