Friday theme song!

Some days you can hear a song and it becomes the theme of the day! On a Monday it could be “I Don’t like Mondays” by the boomtown rats. It is a somber song about a very disturbed girl, but it sets the tone for Mondays. It doesn’t work for every Monday but if they play it on the right day the rest of the day you shake your head and say “tell me Why”. Not sure you can say there is a Tuesday song? Tuesday is just the forgotten day. You aren’t half way through the week, at least Thursday is closer to the weekend so you can say it is “almost” the weekend. What song could me memorable about a Tuesday, the only one I can remember is Tuesday afternoon by the Moody Blues. Awe but then there is Friday, it doesn’t even have to be in the title but so many songs can set the mood. I turned on iTunes radio and set it to play 70’s retro FM play list. Everything from BTO, Aerosmith, to “Hey Jude” from the Beatles seems to fit. Could it be the music or the day? I mean, my boss took the day off, all my project deliverables are completed or waiting on my boss. Could it be that it is just a good day, and no music could ruin that, but it sure is making it better?

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