Fridays forecast, Stupidity!

brideHow bad does your wedding have to be for you to shoot your niece at the after party? That is what happened back east. Apparently the two argued over who would drive until the bride used her new husband’s gun. A few things are baffling about this story, first was the reception at a bar? Or was this the party after the party. After my wedding reception my wife and I took off for our honeymoon. Were they sticking around or just going to get a few more drinks before driving to the Poconos?  It said they argued over who was going to drive, which means they probably both had way too much to drink, (shocking right?) which means the right answer was neither one should have driven. And finally, did shooting a family member solve the problem? I can’t say congratulations on getting married but I think you are going to have to wait ten years to life for the honeymoon. Hopefully your new husband will stick with you for that long; I guess it depends on if he married you for love or for your looks, because I know it wasn’t for the brains.

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