Would you like fries with your creepy meal?

mcdonalds-happyMcDonald’s introduced a new mascot for the happy meal yesterday. I am not sure how much market surveying they did on it but I am going to go out on a limb here and say I don’t think it is going to last that long. I am not sure what message they are trying to convey with it but if they were trying to scare kids into eating happy meals, they nailed it! It is just plain creepy looking, the only way they could have made it creepier is to put it in the driver’s seat of a white van with no windows. They have already removed most of the “Happy” of a happy meal by replacing the over saturated fats with apples and yogurt. Now they have a mascot to match. I really think they will have to change this this out pretty soon or it will become one of the buttons worn on the suspenders of the middle aged my pony fans!

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